Hello, I am Ina and I am really excited you found my website!
I am a birth and family photographer, located in Flower Mound, Texas, and I am serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas.
When it comes to writing, I am a person of many words and even when I try to keep things concise, I end up with a novel. That’s why I thought I would just share a few random facts about me so that you can get to know me a little bit.
~ I am originally from Bulgaria, a small stunningly beautiful country in Eastern Europe. If you love traveling, you enjoy nature, history and delicious food you MUST put Bulgaria on your bucket list!
~My name is pronounced Ee-na, in case you were wondering 😉
~ When I was a kid I wanted to become an astronaut, a flight attendant, a veterinarian or a postwoman. This last one always cracks me up.
~ Nowadays I am a self proclaimed birth junkie, I love everything birth and I am very happy I had a chance to start photographing births. Photography and birth are two of my favorite things in the world, so combining them and being able to capture the raw, intense emotions during labor, birth and immediately after is the most exciting and rewarding thing I could ever imagine doing!
~ In photography, the most important thing for me is capturing emotion, that is why I am really drawn to the photojournalistic style and birth photography is truly where my heart is. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and adore photographing births, proposals, “day in the life” sessions and lifestyle sessions when I am able to capture true, honest emotion, because that’s the most important thing we all want to preserve for generations to come.
~ Posed and stylized photo shoots have a charm of their own, so I enjoy those too, and even though my heart is set on the photojournalistic style in photography I would gladly venture out and do the occasional stylized photo shoot, so don’t be afraid to ask for any type of photo shoot, I’ll probably say yes .
~ I am a sucker for color. I love bright colors! Every room in my house is colored in a different bright, crazy color; it was a real challenge to find a white backdrop to take my passport picture.
~ Apart of being a photographer, I am also a cake decorator. I really enjoy cake decorating, but at one point I had to choose what I enjoy the most and I chose photography. I’d still make the occasional cake for family and friends…and friends of friends 😉
~ I didn’t hire a photographer for my wedding but both my births were photographed and these photos are my most precious possessions; I can’t imagine not having them. I truly hope more and more people will realize that the birth of a child is as important if not more important than a wedding!!! I feel compelled to work in this direction. I want every mother, father, sibling and grandparent to be able to enjoy the gift that birth photography is. Our children deserve to have these memories captured!
~ I speak four languages (Bulgarian, English, French and Russian), some better than others, and I’d really love to learn more!
~ My friends think I have the funniest irrational fear ever. Well, I don’t think it’s funny, but when people hear what my phobia is they are very entertained.” Meow!” Yep, you guessed it! Don’t laugh!

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